Computer Lab

Due to technical issues, the computer lab will be using a generic user login name and password instead of RWL to login. The user name is printed on the monitor of each workstation and password is the Regent College wifi password. 

For security and privacy reason, user can only save on the desktop and will be removed after logout. 

Estimated by June 2014, we will resume with RWL login. 

To use the USB flash drive:
1. Look for the USB extension cord or the USB port on the computer and plug in the flash drive. Please give the computer at least 10 second to read the flash drive.

2. On the Windows Desktop, click on "My Computer" icon.

3. Double click on "media" drive

4. You should see the flash drive as a folder. e.g. the flash drive was label as KINGSTON. Double click on the flash drive "folder" to access your flash drive. Save your file INSIDE this flash drive folder, not OUTSIDE.