1. Create a new unprivileged “kiosk” user that can login without a password

  2. Install openbox (sudo apt-get install openbox) if it is not already installed. Note that Lubuntu should be packaged with openbox.

  3. Create a ~/.xsession file (~/.xinitrc seemed to be ignored) with the following lines under the kiosk user’s home directory:

    xset s off 
    xset -dpms 
    openbox-session & 
    chromium-browser %u –start-maximized

  4. Login with the new kiosk account using the “User Defined Session” session option (important). The “User Defined Session” option calls the code in .xsession when setting up the X environment.

  5. Optional: Configure Chromium settings as necessary (i.e. disable JavaScript, Cookies, etc…)