What is Regent Login?

The Regent Login is a single username and password that enables you to access various College systems and websites. It is like a master key that opens many different doors. The following systems can be accessed using the RWL:

In the future, the RWL will also work for the Library system and the Alumni Mosaic website.

Who is eligible?

Regent Logins are available to anyone who is currently enrolled or has previously taken a course at Regent College. It is also assigned to applicants who have submitted applications for admission.

We are currently migrating our student system. As such, Regent Logins will only be assigned to current students and applicants. If you are a former student, please check this page in early August to request a Regent Login.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"I forgot my password..."

"Incorrect email..."
To update your email, please fill in the Helpdesk Request Form.

"If you think you don't have a login..."
Please fill in the Helpdesk Request Form.