I am a(n) ...

How to choose a directory category.
Academic Integrator
You plan to pursue further theological study, possibly a PhD.

Church Innovator
You are interested in new models of church. You may be exploring new ways of planting and/or doing church.

Church Worker in Training
You were sent by a church/denomination to pursue theological training with the intention of returning to serve at that church/denomination.

Vocational Enricher
You come from a profession and aim to return to it with a deeper understanding of how your Christian faith integrates with your work.

Vocational Reframer
You come from a profession and could be taking a break from it with the possibility of changing your vocation after your time at Regent.

Young Explorer
You want to integrate your faith into all of life. You do not fall into any of the categories above.

Regent Faculty
You teach at Regent

Regent Staff
You work at Regent.