UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL)

CWL is Campus Wide Login maintain by UBC IT. Only current Regent's students are given CWL guest account, which have very limited access to UBC resources, as Regent is not affiliated with UBC.

No Affiliate CWL yet
Regent students will not be issued Affiliate CWL accounts until further notice. At this time only Guest CWL accounts will be issued.

No access to UBC Library Resources via CWL
Regent CWL no longer have access to UBC library's online resources.

To access any UBC electronic resources Regent students need to use their UBC Card barcode and pin number.

At the UBC site, when you click on an electronic resource (article) you will be directed to a new log in page. Scroll down and use the 'standard library login'.

Unfortunately, the way UBC has set up their login process once you log in you will need to find the article again and then click on it.

UBC wifi without CWL
You can access UBC wifi as a visitor without CWL.

UBC Interchange email end-of-life
UBC Netinfo/Interchange Email service is now end-of-life, due to aging hardware and lack of vendor support. The new UBC email forwarding service is only available for UBC students and alumni, not Regent students.

CWL does not entitle the purchase of Microsoft Office University edition
Regent CWL does not entitle Regent student to purchase Microsoft Office University edition. However, you can purchase the Home and Student edition which do not require education institution email.

More info about MS Office Home edition:

More info about MS Office for Mac:

Should Regent alumni extend CWL once expired?
Short answer:

Long answer:
1. Regent CWL does not allow access to UBC databases. Even if it did, companies like EBSCO would not allow UBC to extend database access to alumni. It is a contractual limitation that only current students staff and faculty have access. UBC cannot even extend this to their alumni. 

2. UBC wireless have visitor account that don't need CWL.

Who is eligible?
Students who have paid their Regent College fees can apply for CWL and Interchange accounts. All Regent College faculty are eligible.

How to apply?
To apply for a CWL and/or Interchange account, please click here for the CWL registration form. You will receive an email within a week with instructions on how to complete your CWL account registration. If you have any questions, please email: helpdesk@regent-college.edu