UBC Campus Wide Login (CWL)

CWL stand for Campus Wide Login and is maintained by the UBC IT department. All Regent students are required to get an Affiliate CWL account in order to link their Compass Card to the U-Pass BC scheme. Under UBC's policies, Regent students are no longer eligible for Guest CWL accounts.

Affiliate CWL

Regent students can sign up for an Affiliate CWL account in order to link their Compass Cards to the U-Pass BC scheme.

Note: Students who have previously been issued a Guest CWL will need to get a new Affiliate CWL in order to link their Compass Card to the U-Pass scheme.

Once students have an Affiliate CWL, they will be able to:

  • Request their U-Pass BC benefit online
  • Use a U-Pass-enabled Compass Card on Vancouver's public transit services

How to sign up for an Affiliate CWL

1. Find your UBC Student Number in Regis

a) Login to regis.regent-college.edu

b) get your UBC ID from the bottom left corner as shown below

Note: You may also find your UBC ID on the front of your UBC Student card as shown below.

UBC Student Card Number - Sample

2. Open the CWL website at www.cwl.ubc.ca

a) Under the "Getting Started" header, click Create a CWL Account and follow the on-screen instructions.

b) At the "Validate Your Identity" page, select "Affiliate Student" and enter your UBC Affiliate Student Number and Affiliate Password.

Note: your "UBC Affiliate Student Number" is the UBC ID in Regis and on your UBC card, and your "Affiliate Password" is your birthday in YYMMDD format.

CWL account creation credentials

3. Set a password for your CWL, and then select your Recovery Questions. Finally, activate your account--and you're done!

Can I use my Affiliate CWL to access UBC's Library Resources?

The UBC Library has two login systems.

  1. https://login.ezproxy.library.ubc.ca/login is UBC's ezproxy login, where affiliate students have access to UBC's online resources. Affiliate students can use their CWL credentials to authenticate through UBC's EZproxy service
    1. Before you can do that, please ensure that you’ve associated your affiliate number with your CWL. See https://it.ubc.ca/services/campus-wide-login-cwl/how-add-employee-or-student-number-your-cwl-account for the instructions to complete the association.
  2. MyAccount is the UBC library login, where students can check out and renew their books online. Regent students will need to authenticate with their UBC Card barcode and pin number to login here.

UBC Alumni

Please do not use your previous UBC CWL. You have to create a new Affiliate CWL and link your Compass Card to your new Affiliate CWL.

Accessing UBC Wi-Fi without a CWL

You can connect to the ubcvisitor Wi-Fi network without a CWL. Please click here for more information: https://it.ubc.ca/services/email-voice-internet/wireless-internet-access/ubcvisitor-wireless-network

Unfortunately, you cannot use your Affliate CWL to sign into the ubcstudent Wi-Fi network.

UBC Interchange email end-of-life

UBC Netinfo/Interchange Email service is now end-of-life, due to aging hardware and lack of vendor support. The new UBC email forwarding service is only available for UBC students and alumni, not Regent students.

CWL does not entitle the purchase of Microsoft Office University edition

The Affiliate CWL does not entitle Regent students to purchase Microsoft Office's University edition. However, you can purchase the Home and Student edition, which do not require an official ".edu" email address.

Should Regent alumni extend their Guest CWLs once they expire?

In short, no.

The long answer:

  1. Guest CWLs do not allow access to the UBC research databases. Even if they did, companies like EBSCO would not allow UBC's alumni to access their their database. There is a contractual limitation which limits access to current students, staff and faculty.
  2. UBC Wi-Fi has a visitor network that doesn't require a CWL.

Who is eligible?

Regent students are eligible for Affiliate CWLs, but can no longer obtain Guest CWLs. Students may check out books using their UBC library card, and may use the ubcvisitor Wi-Fi network.

(Note: the old link to apply for a Guest CWL can be found here: CWL Registration Form).

If you have any questions, please email: helpdesk@regent-college.edu