Use Email or Print with Accordance

This document details how to send E-mail of text or other information from Accordance Software on the Mac.

(note: this only works on the new Mac. For the iMac, you must first save your data as PDF, then attach manually

the PDF File to the email)

To print to an Acrobat File for Email from Accordance, first you must make a selection of text from within Accordance.

Next, go to the Print Selection option from the File menu, and a Print prompt will appear:

Here, instead of printing to one of the library printers, you will select the PDF 'drop-down' menu,

and from here, select 'Mail PDF' option. This will open the Mail program for Mac, and your text will appear

in the body of the Email: (it is also attached to the Email)

Remember to fill in your E-mail address and 'Subject' line for this E-mail. When you are ready, click "Send"

This will send your selection as a PDF attachment, to your E-mail address. The PDF will preserve the characters of the original language from Accordance.

Note: you can also cut and paste text from Accordance into the body of the E-mail to send to yourself. Open Office is also available on the Mac Mini to copy and paste into. Remember to use (command+x, command+v) to cut and paste from the Mac instead of (ctrl+x, ctrl+v) for Windows. However, neither of these methods will preserve the original characters, unless you have the same fonts that are used in Accordance.

Printing from Accordance

When printing from Accordance, please be sure to select the text you would like to print and use 'File'-->'Print Selection' to select the text to be printed, before you print. If not, Accordance will send the entire document to the printer (up to 2000 pages).