Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet access is provided jointly by the Regent College Student Association (RCSA), the John Richard Allison Library, and Regent IT. The following is some basic information about the networks:

  • regent-student:: For Regent students only
    • Full internet access;
    • Please login using your Regent Login (RL); this is the same credentials used to access REGIS and Moodle.
    • To reset your Regent Login password, click here.
  • Regent College:: For Regent guests e.g. conference attendees, board members, alumni and donors.
    • Limited web browsing and email access only.
    • If you know your Regent Login (RL), you can retrieve the password here.
    • Otherwise, you may ask the Library Circulation Desk staff for the password.
  • eduroam:: For UBC students and students from other EduRoam affiliated institutions.
    • Login with your home institutions credentials e.g. cwlname@ubc.ca
    • For more information, see http://www.eduroam.org
  • ubcvisitor:: For UBC visitors. This signal is not available in the Library.

Connecting to the Wireless Network

  • Windows Users (Windows XP, Vista and 7):
    • Open the Wireless Internet icon from the system tray on the lower right hand side of your screen.
    • Select the 'Regent College' network, and click connect.
  • Max OS X Users:
    • Select the Airport (Wireless Internet) icon from the top menu bar.
    • Click the 'Regent College' network to connect.


  • Mac OS X users: Please turn off Internet Sharing. It will jam up other users by causing them connect to your computer instead.
  • Bluetooth devices: Please turn them off. They use the same frequencies as the wireless network.